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DNA Testing and Personality

DNA Testing and Personality

DNA Testing and Identity

DNA testing is used to confirm our identity - our unique genetic fingerprint. It can help tell us who we are related to and where we come from. DNA testing can illuminate our genetic ancestry and answer doubts over paternity. It can even reveal if we are susceptible to certain diseases, but can DNA testing tell us if we will turn out to be violent or intelligent or gay?

DNA Testing Raising Crucial Ethical Qquestions

Some believe it is our environment that makes us who we are; others believe that we are born a certain way. Each argument can take on political and sociological consequences, which is why the future of DNA testing is so crucial to society.

DNA Testing - Personality and Behaviour

Traditionally, scientists and psychologists have studied identical twins who share the same genes to find out if differences in personality and behaviour can be put down to the environment. Scientists have discovered through DNA testing that around half of our personality traits are hard-wired into our genes. But some behaviour is more elusive - perhaps because scientists first have to work out what these genes are through DNA testing and then work out how they interact.

DNA Testing and Genetics

The future of DNA testing and genetics worries some sociologists who fear that genetic profiling could incite intolerance or discrimination. But it is worth remembering that environments are as much a driving force in determining who we are as our genes.

DNA Testing - Cracking the DNA Code

Dr Francis Collins, the leading scientist in the Human Genome Project believes DNA testing has come on leaps and bounds. He told the BBC World Service that there will be an "avalanche" of information in the next few years as scientists crack more DNA code and do more DNA testing.

DNA Testing - Faulty Genes and Disease

The Human Genome Project's main aim however is not to undertake DNA testing to work out the genes governing behaviour but to focus on the faulty genes responsible for disease. DNA testing reveals there are roughly 25,000 genes that human cells use as templates to make proteins - which build and maintain our bodies. Dr Collins stressed to the BBC that no matter what DNA testing reveals about genetic make-up and behaviour, it would be a terrible mistake to forget about nurture and the role environment plays in human personality and behaviour.

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