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Learning Human Evolution and Origins through our DNA


The notion that humans began their journey through life on the African continent has long been considered as anthropological fact. Some scientists have predicted that human beings evolved 56,000 years ago from the African continent before moving out to other continents across the world during the Stone Age. DNA testing however has confirmed the theory that humans originated in Africa.

DNA Tests Reveal Genetic Variability

DNA testing can reveal genetic variability. By examining genetic diversity across the world, scientists have discovered that humans spread out from one single area in sub-Saharan Africa. British scientists have used DNA tests, genetics and skull measurements to show that humans emerged from one area in southern central Africa.

African Under The Skin

The saying that we are all African under the skin is genetically true. The researchers found a fall in genetic diversity the further they went from Africa, showing small groups of humans spread from a single area in Africa. DNA Ancestry and lineage tests that reveals our ancestral genealogy is an increasingly popular hobby. In America, the testing craze has taken off big time leaving commentators to declare that the country is re-addressing its very identity in an ‘identity revolution’. Such types of tests are showing that racial lines are more blurred then many Americans thought.

DNA Testing Trends

DNA testing in America costs just a few hundred dollars, and allows Americans to re-think their whole identity with a simple swab sample. Many Americans are now able to match their DNA profiles with famous historical figures such as Marie Antoinette and Genghis Khan. Some people are using these tests to discover links to try and profit from their genealogy – there have been instances in America where some Native Americans who have found wealth on the back of casino gambling have been flooded with calls from people claiming to be of Native American descent.

Black Americans and DNA Testing

Black Americans have always struggled with their roots and identity as a result of slavery. The slave trade cut off their link to their past and homeland and skin colour remained the only real link back to Africa. Now DNA testing is revealing that skin colour doesn’t tell the whole story. For some black Africans, testing their DNA is however offering a way to find out more details about the specific regions or tribes in Africa they are descended from, allowing them to finally reconnect with their history and roots.

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