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DNA Tests Confirm Identity Of Male Model


When police uncovered the dismembered remains of a body in a paddock near a £600,000 house off the M42, they knew it was that of Andre Nunes – the missing male model who disappeared two years ago. DNA tests were thought to reveal the gruesome details of how he met his death. When he vanished from his Birmingham home, there were no clues to his whereabouts, but the kicked-in front door raised suspicions of murder.

DNA Tests Confirm Identity

The male model’s death confounded detectives who had come to the conclusion that his kidnapping and murder was the result of a case of mistaken identity. Nunes was well liked, good-looking and from a respected and close-knit family. Only DNA tests could confirm the model’s identity as the body was so mutilated. Body fragments had to be ‘scooped’ from the paddock. It is thought he was dragged from his home two years ago by an armed gang. These tests will reveal how he was killed, although it’s thought he was dismembered and burnt before burial.

The owner of the property where the body was found was charged with possessing illegal firearms, although he was not a suspect for the murder.

Tests Necessary to Help Identify Bodies

Disappearances are agonising for the families involved. A similar gruesome murder was that of Lindsay Hawker, the British teacher murdered in Japan. These tests are often necessary to confirm a body’s identity in such horrific cases. Although not knowing what happens to a missing family member is torture, the truth can sometimes be even worse – in Lindsay’s case, her body was found in an earth-filled bath on a balcony. The killer then added chemicals to heighten the decomposition of the body.

DNA Tests and Forensics

Testing can confirm the identity of missing sons and daughters, allowing relatives to finally put their loved ones to rest. A part of the pain of losing a relative is the not knowing what happened to them. DNA tests and forensic criminologists can help put the pieces together – no matter how ugly the picture may be.

DNA Testing not Only to Identify Bodies!

No, DNA is not only used in criminal investigations and to help identify remains. Now police are undertaking a unique ‘DNA for property’ scheme. The scheme works by using encrypted microparticles to mark valuable possessions such as jewellery and paintings. Read this article about how DNA testing is being used to trace stolen valuables.

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