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Are you Genetically at Risk of Heart Disease?


Scientists are constantly making breakthroughs in terms of their understanding of DNA testing and the effects that our specific DNA has on our health. A team of scientists recently announced that they were working on a form of DNA testing that would be a good indicator as to whether an individual is at a heightened risk of heart attack and the findings would allow those at risk to change their lifestyles.

A Healthy Heart

The scientists behind this new type of genetic testing discovered that a certain strand of DNA was heavily linked with heart attacks and coronary disease. The importance of this new testing technique is clearly elucidated by the fact that 200,000 people die of heart disease in the UK alone. The research carried out discovered that in a study of around 40,000 people some had a single “letter” spelling mistake in their genetic make up and this put them at an increased risk of heart disease. They discovered that 25% of people inherit two copies of this mistake in their DNA and this makes them 30-60% more susceptible to heart disease.

Responding To The Findings

The scientist behind this new method of DNA testing said that those who were discovered to carry the defective gene should reduce their risk of heart disease by taking cholesterol lowering measures and taking regular heart scans to check for the onset of coronary disease. DNA expert, Kari Stefansson, highlighted the benefits of this manner of DNA based testing, “Early-onset heart attacks unexpectedly take the lives of young people, and these are the heart attacks that are most important to prevent. If we can identify the risk factors, we have ways of dealing with the problem”.

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