New Baby Gender DNA test

Dear Client,

As you are reading this, it is highly probable that you are eager to learn more about our new
and improved Baby Gender DNA test. As a company, we are always on the lookout for new
and improved DNA testing services to further accommodate and fulfil our customers’

Expanding on the technical development in prenatal testing and using the same platform as
that used for non-invasive prenatal testing, we are now able to offer a more advanced Baby
Gender testing service. The new test requires a blood sample like other baby gender tests but
it is taken via a standard medical blood draw instead of using the former finger prick
sampling method, which can easily be contaminated. This procedure eliminates the chances
of DNA contamination significantly!

Please note that the new Baby Gender test is 98% accurate and can be done at 12 weeks
pregnancy (10 weeks past-conception).

Give yourself peace of mind by upgrading your test!

Please e-mail for more information about the new service.

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