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Results will be released in the specified turnaround from receipt of samples at our offices. Some tests may take longer than others. Click here for Live Chat email: Have IBDNA call you CLICK HERE TO ORDER YOUR DNA TESTING KIT
All International Biosciences DNA analysis and DNA testing is carried out at a laboratory accredited by the AABB and accredited in accordance with the recognised International Standard ISO/IEC 17025:2005 by a signatory to the ILAC arrangement -
As Provided to ITV Drama Production for Use in the �Coronation Street� Paternity Test Storyline
As provided to BBC Drama Production for use in the Eastenders Roxy paternity test storyline
As Provided to ITV Drama Production for Use in the �Family Tree� Paternity Test Storyline

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" Just a note to thank you for all your assistance. I have found the results most enlightening to say the very least. I have spent many hours since tracing historical links and incidentally also took your advice in researching Genghis Khan. I have recommended you to many of our friends and acquaintances.

Finally, should there be any future developments in DNA ancestry which may assist me in further research please feel free to contact me."

- B.R.
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