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Sampling Your Own DNA for Testing


The cost of processing a DNA test means that you are unlikely to be offered a test on the NHS unless there are extremely persuasive circumstances. If you want a DNA test carried out for peace of mind, to establish paternity or as part of a legal process, you will need to find a private clinic that can help.

Why do I need to take my own sample for a DNA test?

For most people, it is more cost-effective to use a postal sampling kit than to travel to the clinic. Even for legal procedures, a postal kit can be sent to your nominated medical professional to make the process quick and easy. You can take the sample in the comfort of your own home, or at your local doctor’s surgery and then just post everything back and wait for the results.

When do I need a doctor to take my DNA sample?

If you’re worried about taking your own sample, you can ask a medical professional to do it for you – but remember that they may make a charge for this service. For peace-of-mind tests, you don’t need anyone else to take your sample or witness you taking it. If you’re taking the test as part of a legal process, however, you will need to nominate a medical professional to take your sample, or your DNA clinic can arrange an appointment with someone suitable in your area. This is because the courts must see that the sample has been taken from the right person, and that it has not been tampered with. More information about legal testing can be found by visiting this page.

How do I take the sample for a DNA test?

You will be sent a sampling kit in the post. This comes with simple instructions that help you to take the sample in the right way. If you follow all the instructions carefully, you will be able to post back a clean, clear DNA sample almost straightaway. The clinic will not need to collect a blood sample for your DNA test – all that is required is to swab the inside of your cheeks with the special swabs provided. It takes just a few minutes to take your sample and then you can post it back to the clinic so that they can carry out the DNA test.

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