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DNA Testing – ‘Test in Peace’


‘Test in Peace’ is a pun only the Daily Mirror could pull off. Their story ‘He’ll Test in Peace’ outlined the bizarre trend of children sending off dead men’s razors, hairbrushes and other day-to-day inanimate objects that contain traces of the subject’s DNA. DNA testing has become a modern phenomenon for children disputing paternity. According to the story, everything from spectacles to walking sticks are being sent off for testing by offspring who have suspicions their dads are not their real dads. Beyond the grave forensic testing is also not uncommon – but perhaps increased awareness of these types of tests has urged more people than ever to opt for paternity testing – in all kinds of life (and death) scenarios.

DNA Testing After ‘Sex Auction’

Another extreme story surrounding paternity suspicions is that of the German woman who became pregnant after an online ‘sex auction’. The woman won a court battle to force the web site who hosted the auction to reveal the names of the winners of the sex auction. The winners ‘prize’ was to sleep with the woman in question – but as she only knew the men by their online names, when she fell pregnant she needed a paternity test to confirm who the daddy was. The six men were ordered to undergo DNA based testing for a paternity test in a Stuttgart court in order to determine the identity of the child’s father, as the child’s right to know took precedent in law.

Paternity Testing To Prove Who The Daddy Is

In another tabloid tale, eight men were ordered to undergo DNA testing after a court heard how the eight had sex with a dancer at a stag party. The dancer became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, but her ex-partner had already proven through DNA testing the child was not his. The court papers ordered a test on all the men she entertained on the night. She told the press: “My lovely daughter is a reminder of a fun night.” Legally, the father will have to support his child.

Relationship and parental testing may be used in some bizarre and extreme cases, but paternity tests are used by thousands of men every year to help provide much needed answers to often sensitive questions.

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