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PetGen Canine DNA Test

The PetGen Canine DNA Test is the perfect tool for canine owners and breeders who are looking for
affordable all-in-one tests for their dogs. For only £129, this canine DNA test will give you access to
essential information about your dog’s breed, traits, and genetic health.

Order now £129

PetGen Canine DNA Test

Price: £129
Testing: 1 dog sample
Timeframe: 3-4 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory

NOTE: Due to substantial increase in demand for this test and current Covid-19 lockdown restrictions,  turnaround times may be delayed in some cases.

Discover vital information about your dog with our comprehensive PetGen Canine DNA Test. Whether you are a dog owner or a breeder, you will find this test to be an indispensable tool in raising healthy and happy canines.

Through this DNA test, you can gain access to the following information:

    • Dog’s breed (mixed or purebred)
    • Predicted size and life expectancy
    • Hair and coat trait
    • Behaviour trait and score
    • Genetic health and mutation predisposition
    • Single-gene disease detection
    • Rare genetic disease detection (including a carrier report)

What is included in the test?

Clients who order the PetGen Canine test will receive the following:

    • Sample collection kit
    • 25-page report
    • Personalized breed certificate

Sample collection and results

This DNA test requires a simple and painless sample collection process. Using the sample collection kit, collect your pet’s mouth swab samples.

The kit contains all the necessary instructions you may need, and we recommend following them closely to avoid any possible issues with the samples.

For your personalized breed certificate, please also send us a photo of your pet when you return the samples for testing.

The results for the PetGen DNA test will be sent to you by email 3-4 weeks from the time our laboratory receives the samples.

Discover our Special Offers

Are you interested in purchasing more than 1 PetGen test?

The price of one PetGen Canine DNA Test is £129, but you can order a second or third PetGen test for your other dogs (you can also get them for a friend or a relative) for only £119 (£10 discount) per test.

Take advantage of these discounted prices, and invest in your dog’s wellbeing today!

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