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The MS Vaccine – Finally a Breakthrough?


In America, scientists researching vaccines for Multiple Sclerosis are hoping to have made a breakthrough, although more DNA tests are needed. These tests have helped medical science evolve in leaps and bounds. Many in the medical community are hopeful that DNA could hold the secrets for vaccines and cures for genetic based illnesses. The currently is available a genetic predisposition test to multiple sclerosis which will basically determine what you genetic susceptibility to the disease is, expressed as a percentage. People who discover they are at a high genetic risk may then speak to their doctor or specialist to discuss precautionary measures.

DNA and Research into MS

The scientists who have been conducting tests and research declared their first human trials of their DNA-based vaccine a success. It was reported that the DNA-based vaccine helped dampen down the immune system which is thought to go into overdrive as a result of MS. DNA tests and research seem to be paying off. The number and size of lesions dropped sharply as a result of the tests. Scientists however have urged a sense of caution as the tests are in very early stages of development.

DNA-Based Vaccines

In the UK alone, around 85,000 people suffer from MS. Immune cells attack the body and destroy the nerves causing a wide range of symptoms which can impact on a sufferer’s visual, motor, sensory, co-ordination and balance, bowel and bladder and cognitive abilities. DNA tests and research have helped create a DNA-based vaccine at the Montreal Neurological Institute in Canada.

Tests and Trials

During the tests and trials, 30 patients were injected with the vaccine into their muscles. It’s the first autoimmune vaccine to be tested on humans. And reports said side effects were mild. It’s thought the research paid off as magnetic resonance imaging brain scans after the vaccine was administered revealed fewer and smaller lesions as a result of the disease.

The Future of Medical Science

The DNA tests and research towards creating DNA-based vaccines offers some exciting and hopeful breakthroughs for medical science. Although as the first human trial of a DNA vaccine for such a disease as MS, there is still a long way to go. The scientists now plan to extend the research, increasing the number of patients and length of the trial.

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