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Is DNA Paternity Testing like Opening a Pandora’s Box?


According to a report on the BBC’s Five Live, estimates suggest that 5% of the population may have a different father to the one they think they are related to. Up to three million Britons could be wrong about who their real father is according to Professor John Burn of the Institute of Human Genetics in Newcastle, who spoke to the BBC. And with the increased accessibility to a DNA paternity test, a Pandora’s Box could have been opened.

Fear of Taking a DNA Paternity Test

There are many scenarios where the kind of mix up that can only be clarified with a DNA test. Some women could be confused about who the father of their child is due to an affair outside their marriage. They might not consider suggesting a test for paternity for fear of splitting up their family if the affair was a mistake. There are many women who are trying to keep a painful secret such as this – advances in the this field means women may find it more difficult to keep up such a lie.

Secrets and Lies

Such revelations can have a huge negative impact on children too. Although it can be positive to discover a biological father through a paternity DNA test, some children will feel lied to if the secret has been kept for years. Many mothers lie to protect their family. But as children now have the right to know who their biological father is a DNA paternity test might be unavoidable.

Positive and Negative

Of course everybody will respond differently to a DNA test that reveals the person they thought was their father isn’t their biological father. But here are a few positive responses to a paternity DNA test from the BBC show from the BBC website:

“I don’t judge my mother as I don’t believe she has done any more wrong than any of us do in our complicated lives. She worried about telling me for 18 years. I wouldn’t exist without this rather complicated story, so how can I regret it?”

“I can’t condone the breaking of a trust, but fortunately not all situations end in the destruction of a family. A friend found that his daughter of three was not biologically his own, and while it put a strain on the relationship between him and his partner for a time, he put enough value on their relationship and family to want to stay together. It’s been four years now, and not succumbing to pride and anger has left all three of them in a loving, happy family.”

Further reading

Is he really my father? Don’t live in ignorance – know who your father is. As figures in the UK and across the western world show, there is an increase in the number of children born to couples who are not the biological offspring of the supposed father.

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