About Us

International Biosciences is an independent DNA testing company committed to
providing you with a level of professionalism and customer service seldom seen
in the DNA testing, paternity testing or medical services arenas. From our offices
in Brighton we have established relationships with various DNA laboratories
around the world who are each specialists in their own field.

Highly Experienced Laboratories

We understand the importance of receiving results you can bank on. This is why we only work with laboratories that are accredited to the highest standards and hold the most important globally and internationally recognized DNA testing accreditations, including ISO 17025 and The Ministry of Justice (MoJ). We are also amongst those companies that offer paternity testing and maternity testing using a 21 genetic marker profile for higher levels of accuracy – many other companies only use 16 markers.

We Run DNA Tests Twice

We take pride in the quality and integrity of our DNA testing and have a quality assurance programme in place to make sure that all our results are accurate. This quality assurance programme runs all DNA tests twice and double-checks the results which means you can be confident you will get results that are accurate and reliable.

We Are International

International Biosciences is not just your local DNA testing specialist- we are a global DNA testing provider and have an international network of offices. This means that we can provide you with DNA testing anywhere in the world. IBDNA’s global presence makes us your perfect choice even in cases where test participants live in different countries. You can leave your testing in our hands and we will coordinate and organise the dispatch of kits to all test participants, ensuring you receive your results on time. You have the benefit of being able to rely on our international team to work from the closest office to you.

We Ensure Confidentiality

You can rest assured that everything will be carried out in strict confidence. We have your privacy and confidentiality at heart and not only ensure total anonymity and discreet packaging for your kits, but we also ensure that only the people who have requested the test and signed our forms will get access to the DNA results.

International Biosciences operates in a trading environment of total transparency, from our customer sales team to our senior management, each member of the business is available directly to our clientele, to make things easy, straightforward and professional.

Let’s Get Social

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Legal Testing With Us

All Court Approved DNA Test requests will be referred to our partner laboratory that has been accredited by the UK Ministry of Justice as a body that may carry out parentage tests directed by the civil courts in England and Wales under section 20 of the Family Law Reform Act 1969.