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Wisdom Panel® 2.0
Dog Breed Identification Test

Do you want to discover more about your dog’s breed(s) and ancestry? If so,
our test can help you learn about your canine’s tendencies. A simple cheek swab is all that is required!

Test upgraded to KnowYourDog Genetic and Breed Test,
comprehensive analysis covering 350 dog breeds, identify physical traits 
and genetic diseasesto which your dog is susceptible.
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Wisdom Panel® 2.0
Dog Breed Identification Test

Price: £69
Testing: 1 Dog Sample
Timeframe: 3 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory

This test is not available at the moment.

Ready to discover your dog’s genetic heritage? International Biosciences offers the Wisdom Panel® 2.0 breed identification DNA test starting at just £69. With a simple cheek swab, you can uncover DNA-based insights that may help you understand your dog’s unique appearance, behaviours and wellness needs.

Why Take A Dog Breed Identification Test?

• Understanding your dog’s breed means you can develop a better training programme
• You also stand a better chance of finding someone who will be willing to breed their purebred with yours
• Proof of genetic breed heritage means your pups may command higher prices
• If you are thinking of getting a dog, a dog breed identification test may help you decide whether you have chosen the right dog

Discover Your Dog’s Genetic History

The test can be purchased for £69. Once you receive the test kit it can be performed on adult dogs and puppies alike, which make it ideal if your dog recently had puppies. All you need to do is collect a DNA sample using our kit and send it back for testing. You will have the full comprehensive results back 3 weeks from receipt of samples at the laboratory.

We offer reliable and accurate results. This means you can stop guessing and find out the genetic history of your dog today.

Testing Process and Sample Collection

Testing your dog for its genetic makeup is easier than you would imagine. Once the kit arrives you will get an instruction booklet, 2 DNA cheek swabs (both for use on one dog), pre-paid label and envelope for shipping back to the laboratory.

You will need to use the cheek swabs provided in the kit to collect some of your dog’s DNA. Next, let the swabs dry for about five minutes before you put it back into the case that they came in. Remember that you should never insert damp swabs as this could promote fungal growth. Seal up the carton or box that your kit came in and send it back. Now you just have to wait for the results.

Test Results

The results will come back about 3 weeks after samples are received at the laboratory. When you get the results there is a plethora of helpful information that you will find inside.  You will get a family tree that shows your dog’s genetic history back to their great grandparents. There is also a comprehensive guide  about breed and weight information.

You will also get a breakdown of the “mixed breeds” in your pup’s parents and grandparents. This graph will show all of the most dominant breeds found in mixed breed parents and grandparents. Our kit will help you learn more about your dog than you could ever imagine. Order yours today.

Important Note About Pit Bull Breeds

The word “pit bull” does not refer to a single recognized dog breed. Instead, it refers to a genetically diverse group of breeds that share similar physical traits. Historically, to achieve certain desired characteristics, pit bull-type dogs have been bred by combining guard-type breeds with terriers. In effect, they may retain genetic similarities to the original breeds and other closely related dog breeds.

Because of this group’s genetic diversity, Wisdom Health cannot build a DNA profile that genetically identifies every dog visually classified as a pit bull. When testing these dogs with the Wisdom Panel, we will detect various quantities of the component pure-bred dogs (namely the American Staffordshire Terrier, Boston Terrier, Bull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Mastiff, Bullmastiff, Boxer, Bulldog, and various other terriers and guard breeds).

Note that depending on the dog’s individual ancestry, there may be other breeds outside these guard and terrier groups identified in the mix.

Because some communities have put restrictions on pit bull ownership, when considering DNA testing, Wisdom Health encourages dog owners and care providers to be fully aware of their local laws, which vary across the country.


Are There Instances Where This Test Is Not Suitable?

If your dog was imported from a country/region other than the United Kingdom, mainland United States, Canada, Australia or Western Europe, or you suspect that the dog’s ancestors originate from outside these countries/regions; their breed ancestry may not be well represented in our database. Instead, we suggest opting for our DNA My Dog Breed test – this test is ideal for establishing the ancestry of mixed breed dogs and works worldwide.

Can I View The Full List Of Breeds You Have In Your Database?

Our test covers more than 350 breeds. View the full list of dog breeds tested.

Can I View A Sample DNA Test Result?

View a sample report of this test.