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Y Chromosome Test

Males who need to know whether they share the same biological father or paternal line
can opt for our Y chromosome test (Y STR Male lineage test). A Y test is a good alternative
to a paternity test where the alleged father cannot be included in the test.

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Y Chromosome Test

Price: £199
Testing: Two males
Timeframe: 5-7 working days from receipt of samples at the laboratories

Males who need to know whether they share the same biological father or paternal line can opt for our Y chromosome test (Y STR Male lineage test). Our Y chromosome test is highly accurate DNA test that works by comparing the Y chromosome profiles on the DNA of the test participants.

A Y test is a good alternative to a DNA paternity test in instances where the concerned parties need to know whether they share the same father but are unable to include the alleged father in the test.

Science Behind The Y Chromosome Test

Y chromosome testing involves analysing Y Short Tandem Repeat sequences – these STRs are essentially just repeated sequences of DNA and the number of repetitions will vary from person to person. The Y chromosome is only found in males and is in fact the sex determining chromosome. The Y chromosome test has some great advantages – the main one being its accuracy and reliability (it is extremely rare to have an inconclusive result). This is due to the low mutation rate of the Y chromosome. The chromosome gets passed down unchanged and is ideal to trace a direct father’s ancestral line.

In this test we analyse a total of 11 genetic markers extracted from the DNA samples provided. A complete match at every genetic marker confirms that the tested males share a common paternal line. The only thing the test result will not tell you the exact nature of relationship between the people tested; if two males share the same paternal line, they could share any direct blood male relative, perhaps a father, grandfather or great grandfather. We leave it up to the test participants to make their own deductions and conclusions based upon the result of the test.

Sample Collection For Our Y Chromosome Test

Samples for a Y test can easily be collected with our home sample kit which we send to you as soon as we have received your payment. We require 2 mouth swab samples per person to be tested. Instructions and consent forms are provided inside the kit.

Note: We can only guarantee standard result turnaround time when testing takes place solely using oral swab samples. Using a discreet sample for your test may lead to an increase in turnaround time.


What test do I need if participants are male and female?

If people taking part in the test are males and females and want to know if they share one or both common parents, we suggest a siblings DNA test

Are there any other uses for Y Chromosome DNA Testing?

Analysing the Y chromosome can help determine your patrilineal heritage. This test is one of the ancestry tests International Biosciences offers that will enable clients to discover their ancient lineage and origins as well as those of their forefathers. Click here for more information about our Paternal Lineage Testing?
Y chromosome testing is used in criminal forensic investigations and cases involving rapes. If a genetic sample is found at a crime scene, testing for the Y chromosome can establish whether there is any male DNA in the sample. Once the Y chromosome has been confirmed, it can be compared to the Y chromosome profiles of suspects to confirm a match.