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Is Prince Harry James Hewitt’s Son?


Some people may believe that only a paternity test would finally put to rest the persistent rumours that Prince Harry is in fact James Hewitt’s son. But back in 2002, Hewitt said there was no need for a paternity test because there was ‘no possibility’ that Harry could be his.

Should Hewitt Have A Paternity Test?

The former cavalry officer, who became a reality TV star, was Princess Diana’s lover and admitted he was with her for a long time. However, a paternity test is not something that he believes is necessary despite the fact many people have commented how Harry’s looks compare to his own. Hewitt told the Sunday Mirror that Prince Harry was already walking before he even began seeing the Princess of Wales, which means a paternity test would not be appropriate. The couple were in a five year secret relationship, but Hewitt said he has never encouraged the comparisons between himself and Harry.

Paternity Test and Dispute Causes Upset

Prince Harry’s paternity has been a big issue of contention in the tabloid press, but Harry was two when the couple began their affair. It’s thought that the gossip about a paternity test and Harry deeply upset the Princess when she was alive. The red hair that many felt Harry shared with Hewitt was also said to be a Spencer family trait.

Did Harry Request a Paternity Test?

But according to USA Today, a book marking the tenth anniversary of Princess Diana’s death entitled After Diana, suggests that Prince Harry himself was concerned about the issue. He apparently asked for a DNA paternity test. The book once again addresses the long-discussed accusation that Hewitt was his father. The American author, Christopher Anderson shockingly suggests that the 22 year old prince may not in fact be third in line to the throne. However, no paternity test has been undertaken and there is no evidence that Harry is not a Windsor. Anderson’s book however is still stoking the rumours ten years on, he names witnesses who in fact say Diana and Hewitt were lovers before, not after, Harry was born.

Anderson believes Hewitt and Harry share looks and mannerisms and that only a paternity test would finally put the matter to rest.