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1 Thing you Need to Know About Paternity Testing


Many people’s happiness hangs on whether or not they are related to a certain person, or a particular family. Circumstances can lead to children being ostracised from a family, a parent leaving the home early in a child’s life, adoption, or simple confusion over parentage. These can all have lifelong psychological effects on those who have experienced them and in many cases, it’s the unknown that can cause the biggest problems.

I Need To Know Where I Come From

However much we try to ignore it, where we come from and who we are related to is important. It helps us to place ourselves as people and to relate our talents, personalities and experiences to those who’ve been before us. Finding out where we belong is an almost primeval urge in us – and one that we’ll only experience where there is some doubt about our background.

How DNA Tests Can Help

If you think that there is doubt about your parentage, or you want to establish a biological connection with other potential members of your family, DNA tests are a good place to start. The clearest and most accurate tests are those that establish who your parents are. For these tests to work, you need a sample of your own DNA, together with DNA samples of those people you think may be your parents. You’ll need their permission for this. DNA tests will be able to show whether these people are your parents – with over 99.99% accuracy.

For relationships that are less close than parentage, these types of tests can still help. Although not as accurate because you don’t share as much DNA with more distant relatives, these tests can still help to show the chances of someone being your brother or sister, aunt or uncle or grandparent. If you are determined to find the family you belong to, these DNA tests can help.

The Range of DNA Tests Available

At International Biosciences, we offer a wide range of tests that can help you to place your family, or to ascertain the paternity or maternity of your own children. These include:

  • Paternity tests
  • Maternity tests
  • Siblingship DNA tests
  • Y-STR male lineage DNA tests
  • Missing parent tests
  • Avuncular tests – for grandparents, aunts or uncles