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Does DNA Testing Spell an End to Office Pranks?


DNA testing is used in a variety of circumstances from paternity tests to criminal proceedings but is now becoming increasingly prevalent in the workplace. Hard-line bosses with no time for tomfoolery are beginning to DNA test their workers to find out who the practical jokers are and nip their antics in the bud. Some offices have resorted to such tests on prank paraphernalia to establish who the culprit was when the jokes have gone too far.

Jokers Beware – DNA Testing Could Spell the End

A number of companies who threatened to introduce DNA testing when office jokes were out of control found the mere threat was often sufficient to bring an end to the pranks. Dr Thomas Haziel, a DNA expert, said, when speaking to the Telegraph that “If people do not misbehave at work, then they have nothing to fear. We are helping to prevent injustice at work by identifying the real culprits which prevents innocent workers from being falsely accused of some form of malpractice”. In these circumstances, these tests have proved very effective in bringing the perpetrator’s of pranks to justice and many have mended the error of their ways.

How Does DNA Testing Work?

In many of the instances where DNA testing was called upon by companies, the practical jokers were leaving evidence behind that, shall we say, was ‘ideal’. One company used DNA based testing when an employee was urinating in the kettle and another company decided to rely on this type of test when an employee was leaving something altogether less savoury in a co-worker’s locker. There are clearly many uses for these types of tests and, as is being witnessed by a number of companies across the UK, it is a key tool in cutting down the number of unsavoury practical jokes in the workplace.

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