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Are you ready for Paternity Testing?


Paternity testing is a recent and growing phenomenon – it means that more than ever, men are discovering they are fathers without necessarily being prepared for it. It can be shocking news for some, joyous news for others. So if you’ve found out you’re an unexpected father, what should you do?

Don’t Panic

Being a new father can be intimidating – paternity testing could mean you’ve just discovered you have a new-born baby that is suddenly your responsibility, or it could mean you have found a grown-up is in fact your child. Whatever the situation, open and honest communication is important. It’s not always easy if you’re estranged from the mother of the child, or you’ve had an acrimonious split. DNA testing however proves one thing – that it is your biological child and you will need to accept a degree of responsibility.

Paternity Testing – A Godsend?

If you’re in a happy relationship of course, paternity testing can be a godsend – it can give you peace of mind and help you commit to your new family. If you’re not married, this type of test is important to ensure you do have full parental responsibility legally and that you can deal with child contact issues if they arise.

Support for Fathers

There has been a plethora of organisations aimed at fathers as a result of a shift in society over recent years. Fathers 4 Justice and Families Need Fathers are just two that can offer support and advice if you’re struggling over child contact issues. Paternity DNA testing guarantees you the legal legs to stand on if you do end up in a custody battle. The ‘only mums matter’ culture has swung the other way, and society is now urging fathers to feel confident about issues such as paternity leave and child care duties.

Be Aware of Your Rights

A number of high profile fathers have all put their names to the issue of the role of men in bringing up children. Pierce Brosnan is a father of five and David Beckham has said he considers fatherhood more important then football. If you’re considering testing for whatever reason, it’s important that you are fully aware of your rights as well as your responsibilities of being a father. Now there are even magazines aimed at fathers-to-be offering advice on everything from lulling a baby to sleep to cool gadgets and gizmos for your child. Are you ready to be a father? Paternity tests can force the issue whether you’re ready or not. The more committed you are to your child, the better and society is behind men becoming more actively involved in their child’s welfare. Legislation now gives working fathers two weeks’ paternity leave, paid at £100 a week. You can also find information from Fathers Direct – a national information centre of fatherhood.