Baby Gender Refund Policy

Please take a few minutes to read our Refund Policy prior to ordering your gender test. General Genetics Corporation (GGC) will consistently strive to maintain the highest testing standards and provide you with unfaltering levels of accuracy. We understand that under given circumstances, a refund can be legitimately requested by the client. The refund policy below outlines the necessary criteria for a refund to be applicable. Situations or issues not described in our refund policy are not normally subject to a refund. Any exceptional cases that are not listed in our Refund Policy will be considered on an individual basis and at management’s discretion. Any refund requests must be made in writing or email to the company.

Cancellation of Orders

When orders are cancelled prior to the kit being shipped, GGC will issue full refunds less a £35 administration fee. Once the kit has been shipped, then any request to cancel the test will incur a shipping and administration fee of £60 A refund will not apply if samples have already reached our laboratory. This is because samples enter the processing stage the instant they reach the laboratory.

Resampling and Non-Compliant Blood Samples

If, for any reason, samples reach us but do not meet our requirements, clients will be advised accordingly and will be offered the option of receiving a new kit for re-sampling. Examples of such issues include:

• Providing an insufficient blood sample.
• Leaving the sample in a humid or hot environment.

In the event you feel any of the above points may apply to your case and that your sample may not be adequate for testing, please contact us immediately. For re-sampling the client will incur a shipping and administration fee of £60. Alternatively, we will give our client the option to proceed with noncompliant samples at their own risk. However, no refund will be given should the test fail or provide inconclusive or inaccurate results under these circumstances. We will attempt to contact the client with every reasonable effort in the event that we receive non compliant samples. However, if we do not receive a response from the client within 7 working days, then the case will be closed and no refund will be provided.


NO refund will be given once testing has commenced. It is the client’s responsibility to read precautions and follow the instructions provided in the kit carefully. Once you have received our kit, the samples must be returned to us within 8 weeks from date of order. After this period your case folder will be automatically archived. A re activation fee of £50 will apply to have your case folder reopened.

How Long Will it Take for My Refund Request To Be Processed?

Beginning from the instant a refund request is received by GGC, clients must leave a period of 2 working days elapse within which we will assess the eligibility of your claim. All refund requests must be made at latest one month following the birth of the child.

We retain the right to request any additional documentation (including medical proof) necessary to support any claims made.

In the event a refund is agreed to, payments will be made to the person who has requested the test. We do not issue refund payments to third parties.

Taking The Test Before 9 Weeks

Fetal DNA is present in the mother’s blood but quantities are too small to be detected in the early stages of pregnancy; as gestation progresses, the quantity of fetal DNA increases. For us to be able to offer our accuracy levels of 95% in the gender prediction test, the expectant mother must be in her 9th week of pregnancy. It is important to calculate the time of your conception correctly. Blood samples taken before the 9th week of pregnancy have strong probability of giving false or inconclusive results.

Prior to testing, dates provided by the clients are checked in order to ensure that a nine week pregnancy period has elapsed. In the event that the dates provided show that the required 9 week period has not elapsed, the client will be immediately contacted to submit a new sample. In this case, the client will incur the cost of a new sampling kit. In the event that the client provides false information regarding their due date and an incorrect result is issued, the client will not be eligible for a refund.

Results of Test Contradict The Actual Sex of Child

Ensuring the highest standards in testing and consistently maintaining accuracy levels of 95% is the most important aspect of the service we offer our clients. The sensitivity of our test means that inconclusive tests are normally due to clients not following instructions correctly.

Any claims made for inconclusive results will be considered on an individual basis.

Please Read Below

If the child born is of different sex to that shown in GGC’s test result please Contact Us. We may require you send a copy of the birth certificate and your case number.

If results of screening tests (ultrasounds) or diagnostic tests (amniocentesis or CVS, chorionic villus sampling) have provided results which conflict those provided by GGC, you will need to send us copies of the results and any added documentation we request. The results must be signed by a physician and/or specialist.

The date of the procedure and outcome of the test must also be clearly stated. If an ultrasound is carried out, we can only consider your refund request once the baby is born due to the possibility of inaccurate ultrasound results when reporting baby gender. In the case that it can be proven that the result of the GGC test is incorrect, then a full refund will be provided.

Our test is 95% accurate at 10 weeks. The lab has a quality assurance program that continuously monitors the quality of our methods and reagents and the accuracy of our results. There is a 5% error rate that is attributed to the home nature of the Pink or Blue test and user error such as taking the test too early or not providing enough blood sample.

Please note that this document can be changed and amended at the company’s discretion and is subject to alterations and updates. This refund Policy takes effect as from 01/01/2015.

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