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Bearded Collie


The Bearded Collie, also known as the Beardie, is an affectionate, lively and playful dog. They are a very entertaining dog to watch and have a cheerful and humorous temperament. They are a very active breed and do best in a home that can provide them with lots of exercise and stimulation. A well-adjusted Bearded Collie is often confidant and stable.

The Bearded Collie was bred to herd sheep and cattle in any weather. They are an enthusiastic breed that are also energetic, bright, active, and trustworthy. They have a bouncy nature – they are constantly wagging their tail and always have a clownish, upbeat attitude.

Highly intelligent and active, the Beardie requires someone who is able to keep up with them. They are very social and love to be included in family activities. If they are bored, they are destined to cause trouble. The Bearded Collie is great with children – their high energy makes them excellent playmates. They can be rambunctious, though, so small children should supervised.

Though affectionate and outgoing, Beardies can be stubborn and independent. Early obedience training is a must in order to establish discipline and order. Due to their herding nature, Bearded Collies make great watchdogs – they will bark to alert you if someone is there. They will also bark if they are excited, happy, bored, or want attention – training will keep their barking in check. Bearded Collies are not dog aggressive by any means and can along with cats if they are socialized properly.

Major Health Concerns: Bearded Collies are generally a healthy breed with a long life span. Major health concerns include Hip Dysplasia. They may also be prone to some cancers and Addison’s Disease.

Interesting Fact: The Bearded Collie is one of the oldest British breeds of dog.

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