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Calum Best’s Baby?


According to a report in the Sun, George Best’s son, Calum, is at the centre of a paternity test debate after model, Lorna Hogan, claimed that he was the father of her daughter, Amelia. The model claims that Calum Best fathered the child the night before his father’s memorial service was carried out in Manchester. Since hearing the news that he was being claimed to be the father, Calum Best demanded that a DNA test be carried out to prove that he is indeed the father; something the mother is all to happy to do as she is adamant that he is.

Paternity Test – Like Father Like Son

The case for a paternity test against Calum Best came as little surprise as the self-confessed ‘sex-addict’ is famed for his promiscuity. However, the son of the footballing legend is entirely open to the idea of the paternity DNA test and he stated to the Sun, “I’m in contact with the mother and we’ll do a paternity

test as soon as possible. I guess if I am a dad then I need to take responsibility.” Lorna Hogan, the baby’s mother, claims that the pregnancy wasn’t planned and she only discovered that she was pregnant some time after her encounter with Calum Best in Manchester. Ms Hogan stated to the Sun, “It was never planned, but that’s no excuse for him to abandon the baby. I’ll give him all the proof he needs. There’s no doubt Calum’s her father. Amelia even has the same shaped face, chin and ears.” So, if the paternity DNA test is as much as a formality as the mother seems to believe, there may soon be another Best out there.

Paternity Test – An Accurate Test

When it comes to providing irrefutable evidence of whether or not someone is the father of a child, it is of little surprise that a DNA test is the first port of call. This type of test, which samples DNA from the father and the child, is extremely accurate and a paternity test can discount a man from being a father with a 100% success rate and establish whether he is the father with a 99% degree of accuracy.

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