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Eugenics, Blood And Race


Human genetics have been the focus of major tragedies throughout history. The eugenic movement gained momentum at the beginning of the twentieth century. Its basis was the belief that some people were genetically superior. The belief in genetic superiority resulted in people not wanting to debase their make-up by breeding with those from ‘lesser’ gene pools. DNA testing today would show these beliefs to be hogwash. The idea that a person’s blood could be pure is genetically impossible as we are all products of centuries of migration throughout the world.

Our Ancestral Make-Up

DNA testing today reveals our genetic make-up is usually incredibly mixed with strains from different continents across the globe. The belief was that the genetically inferior should be prevented from having children. In the early part of the century sterilisation was used for this purpose until it was banned in the 1960s. The idea however of genetic superiority led to one of history’s worst atrocities – The Holocaust.

DNA Testing and Hitler

If DNA testing had been available during WW2, it would have been an intriguing insight to find out what Hitler’s own genetic make up consisted of. The notion of a ‘Master Race’ and ‘those of the same blood belong to the same Reich’ resulted in death and destruction on a massive scale. But the whole premise is based on an illusion. The notion that the human race could be improved by selective breeding, or ‘racial refinement’ however goes back to the time of the Greek philosophers, but eugenics really only took hold in the last one hundred years. DNA testing is more widely available and more people use this now to discover their ancestral roots. If this was an option in Nazi Germany, the misconceptions of pure blood and racial supremacy could have been blown out of the water.

DNA Testing – A More Sophisticated Understanding

After the world woke up to the atrocities of Hitler’s Germany however, eugenics lost its stronghold. DNA testing and a more sophisticated understanding of humanity means concepts of racial superiority are deeply unpopular. However, some people are concerned that these tests could in fact be used in a sinister way to glean out weak genes to help create a more perfect, or superior human. In reality, DNA can be used as a powerful tool for dispersing myths and misconceptions about racial purity. Ancestral tests can for example prove to a BNP member that he has African blood running through his veins, as well as blood from Europe and Asia.

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