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Blood Bonds and Paternity Testing


Family is at the very heart of life as we know it. Families provide financial, emotional and psychological support. Good, strong families help us grow up into functional adults in all our complexity and they can teach us the meaning of love. For those men who have gone through life without children, a positive paternity test result can strike fear and shock into their hearts – but it can also, if approached in the right way, warm their hearts and enrich their family life.

Paternity Test – The Positives

Research shows that men who are single and alone have higher death rates then their married counterparts. It’s been established that unmarried men die younger, and part of this is explained by the emotional and psychological impact being single can have on long-term health. If you’re a single man facing up to positive test results, it could turn out to be a relationship that in fact saves your life. Having emotional security and family bonds alongside a good occupation, income and education all increase your lifespan.

DNA Test Reveals Grown-Up Daughter

For one single unmarried man who discovered he had a grown-up daughter after a paternity test, the flourishing relationship that unfurled filled a hole that had been previously empty. The daughter was a result of a relationship he had, but before the child was born her mother fell in love and married another man, who believed the child was his. Once the daughter grew up she had doubts about who she thought was her father after hearing about the previous relationship. A DNA test proved that the single man was indeed her biological father. The paternity test brought the two together as they got to know each other and developed an amazing relationship.

Embracing the Results

Although neither the daughter nor father thought the paternity test would show what it did, both embraced the results and felt positive about finding each other. Although the relationship came with inevitable difficulties and issues, for them the DNA test offered a lifelong relationship. Emotional and psychologically, strong family relationships can impact on a man’s physical and mental wellbeing. It’s thought that men in successful family units are less likely to suffer from heart attacks and strokes. If you have good social relationships you tend to be healthier. A paternity test could open up doors to enriching relationships as well as improve the quality of a single man’s life.