Can twins have different races?

Is it Possible for Twins to Have Different Races?

It seems impossible, but twins Marcia and Millie Briggs are born with entirely different skin colors.

Biracial couple Amanda Wanklin and Michael Briggs are two ordinary people who love each other very deeply. For the two, love goes beyond skin color. The couple eventually married and settled down in Birmingham, England, and decided to have a family together.

The couple gave birth to beautiful fraternal twin daughters, Millie Marcia Madge Biggs and Marcia Millie Madge Biggs.

While the two are similar in features, the twins have entirely different skin colors. Mille takes after her father and was born with black hair and brown skin. On the other hand, Marcia got her mother’s Jamaican look and was born with light brown hair and fair skin.

Despite the blatant difference, the parents are not fazed. Amanda, however, recalls that when her twins were still babies, she would constantly get asked about them. She remembers that people would look at the twins twice, asking if they were, indeed, twins. More questions about the racial difference would follow.

Amanda expresses that she has never experienced any open racism or hostility towards herself or her twin daughters. She muses that people would actually appreciate the beauty of having twins with different skin colors.

Amanda takes pride in her “one in a million miracle.” But in reality, it is actually not very uncommon for a biracial couple to have twins born with different skin colors.

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Twins with different races

One of out a hundred twins is fraternal. According to Alicia Martin, a postdoctoral research fellow at the Broad Institute in Cambridge, a biracial gene would form individually on the fraternal twins. Hence, each twin would individually inherit traits based on the origin of the ancestors of the parent. This includes complex pigment genetics.

The research about skin color is quite complicated. To put simply, skin color is not a direct copy of the parent’s skin color. Instead of a qualitative trait, skin color is actually more of a quantitative trait, and everyone has their own level of gradient based on the skin color inherited. You can find out more about it with DNA relationship test or  Ancestry testing, we offer a wide range of test like the GPS origins. 

Historically, skin color used to define a person’s origin, which caused many conflicts and disputes between people of different races and skin colors. However, the world has evolved from those dark times, resulting in race being considered a man-made concept.

Scientifically, though, researchers determine that most of the visible physical traits of a certain race are likely results of circumstances. Some of the factors that create distinct “racial” features include mutation, migration, natural selection, and isolation.

Despite these facts, there are still conflicts arising from racial differences in modern times. Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. was assassinated because of his color, and while it has been more than 50 years since this incident, skin color still drives a divide between people. This makes us realize how significant racial difference is and how it causes many negative incidents around the world.

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Twins and racism

Our twins were interviewed about racism, and both Millie and Marcia confirmed that they were aware of this issue and how it personally affects them. According to Millie, “racism is where somebody judges you by your color and not by your actual self,” to which Marcia adds that “racism is nothing more than a negative thing because it does nothing but hurt people.”

Michael, the twins’ father, owns an auto-repair business and admits that he has faced plenty of open hostility just because of his skin color. He recalls that when he was young, a car full of men would stop him and insult him and his brother for their color.

However, Michael also adds that he believes the world is different now. The couple has yet to hear any news about their twins receiving any racist behavior. The twins have never experienced racism because of their unique condition.

Marcia reports that most people look at her and her twin and assume they are best friends. Most of the time, people would be shocked to find out that the two girls with different skin colors are actually twins.

But when people ask about their differences, the girls would just respond by talking about how Millie prefers girly things while Marcia has a more tomboy style — differences that they actually care about.

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