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Steve Bing – A Celebrity Quarrel


When it comes to a paternity test and paternity rows, it can be a bitter affair – especially when the rows are taking place in a very public arena. The price of fame means your love life is always going to be under microscopic attention. Liz Hurley was in the news five years ago when she claimed playboy Steve Bing was the father of her son, Damian.

Steve Bing’s Second Paternity Test

Steve Bing found himself in another paternity test row, after he was named the father of a girl in what was dubbed the world’s most expensive child support case. Perhaps because Bing is one of the wealthiest people in California, proving paternity means millions of pounds are at stake. But DNA tests don’t lie, and the television producer was identified as the father of Kira Kerkorian. At the time in 2002, Kira was just four years old, but the test has had a massive impact on the rest of her life. The child’s mother demanded an incredible £223,000 a month in maintenance for the child.

Paternity Test for the Rich and Famous

When such money is at stake it’s no wonder a paternity test can become such a bitter and heated affair. Steve Bing was at the time of the case already waiting for another test to be carried out to find out if he was the father of Hurley’s baby son, Damian.

Heir to a Fortune

Being the offspring of the incredibly wealthy can become a ruthless battle for money. It’s estimated that Bing’s daughter will become heir to a part of his £280 million fortune and that Bing will pay thousands in child support. The DNA test against Bing was done against his wishes when private detectives took a strand of dental floss from his dustbins in order to match his DNA with that of the child.

Paternity Test Match

The paternity test showed a match that made it 99.993% certain that Bing was the girl’s father. The incredible sum of money that was demanded for child support was down to the fact the girl needed to be ‘kept in the manner to which she had become accustomed’. This included a bill for over £4,000 a month on trips to restaurants.