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DNA Testing, Paternity Testing and DNA Tests in Southampton


International Biosciences have provided DNA Testing, Paternity Testing and DNA Tests in Southampton on numerous occasions.

Ancestry research and DNA Testing in Southampton

Although Stone Age, Bronze Age and Iron Age settlements are known to have existed in the area, the first permanent settlement was established by the Romans shortly after their invasion of Britain in AD43. It was an important trading port for the large Roman towns of Winchester and Salisbury. The Viking King Canute the Great is supposed to have defeated the Anglo-Saxon King Ethelred the Unready here in 1014 and there is evidence that by the 10th century, a new settlement, which became Medieval Southampton had already been established following the Norman Conquest in 1066.

If you want to visit an amazing art gallery outside of London or want to marvel at a spectacular musical, Southampton has all of this to offer its visitors. Southampton hosts some of the south coast’s finest concert facilities with three art galleries and two theatres. On its northern border, Southampton has a cultural area with its City Art Gallery, containing over 3,500 pieces spanning six centuries. The nearby Millais Gallery showcases work from up and coming artists and designers.

The Mayflower Theatre which happens to be the largest theatre in southern England, regularly hosts West End musicals, ballet and operatic shows. There is also the Nuffield Theatre on the local university campus, showing modern drama productions as well as traditional Shakespeare. Classical and jazz fans are also catered for with the Turner Sims Concert Hall. Major rock, modern and classical concerts are held in the multi-purpose Guildhall, in the city centre.

Southampton offers an exciting range of facilities for even the most demanding of tourists.

Paternity Testing and Ancestry Research in Southampton

By using techniques at the forefront of DNA research, International Biosciences can provide valuable information by using Ancestry DNA testing in Southampton to give its residents an indication of their true roots.

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