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Fears of Infidelity Solved with Paternity Testing


Why are DNA paternity tests in such demand? It isn’t news that the nuclear family of 2.2 children is now a thing of the past. Relationships are no longer as simple as the 1950s stereotype of housewives and working fathers with the cherubic children. Now, sperm and egg donors can help those suffering with infertility or gay couples wanting a family, couples aren’t as likely to get married and even marriage has lost the sanctity it once had as celebrity marriages last days, weeks or months before ending. It’s no wonder that these types of tests have become more in demand.

China‘s Increase in Paternity Tests

And this is a world-wide phenomenon. News reports revealed a 20% increase in applications for DNA paternity DNA tests in China’s major city hospitals in 2004. The reason these tests have increased in Beijing was said to be because more suspicious husbands wanted to discover if their wives were loyal. The increased demand for DNA tests China was said to reflect the break down of family relationships and instability of marriage, according to doctors.

 Serious Trust Issues

The increase in paternity tests revealed serious trust issues between husbands and wives. China News Service even said that there would be even more demand for these tests if the costs weren’t so high.

Tests More Accessible

Over in the UK, it has become cheaper and more accessible to undertake a paternity DNA test and more and more people are opting for the test for medical, personal or legal reasons. A report by the state said that up to one in 25 fathers could unknowingly be raising another man’s child in the UK. The study was based on research between 1950 and 2004. If these fathers took a paternity test to uncover the truth, the implications could be huge. Demand for tests in the UK has increased ten-fold in the last decade, according to researchers. About 5,000 tests are demanded every year by the Child Support Agency to resolve child maintenance arguments.

DNA Paternity Tests in US More Than Doubled

In America, the number of tests increased from 142,000 in 1991 to 310,490 in 2001. The increase of paternity tests can also be put down to the availability and accessibility of the test to the general public and the increased profile of  paternity tests on chat shows like Jerry Springer. TV shows regularly use the tests live on air.

Tests Require Careful Thought

The consequences of a man finding out he is not the biological father thanks to  paternity test can be massive and can put enormous strain on relationships. Before ordering a test, it’s advised that careful thought and ideally, counselling is undertaken.