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Diego Maradona – Football Wizard’s Secret Child


The prodigious talent that Diego Maradona displayed on the football pitch was undoubtedly tempered by his tumultuous personal life. During his playing career he was often banned for substance abuse and refused to recognise a child claimed to be his. A paternity test was demanded and the results were a long time coming.

Paternity Test – Maradona’s Heir To The Thrown?

There is, perhaps, a degree of understanding in why Maradona demanded a paternity test but the fact that his supposed son was showing a considerable footballing talent of his own meant that he should have been prepared for the results of the DNA test. And, predictably, the findings from the paternity DNA test did indeed show that Maradona was the father of the child. Their first meeting, however, didn’t occur until Diego Maradona Jnr (as the mother decided to moniker the child) was 17 and it was far from a smooth reunion. Maradona Jnr sneaked onto a golf course where Maradona was playing which caused him to jump aboard a golf buggy and speed off, thinking the young man to be an autograph hunter. When, however, the younger Maradona reminded him of the paternity test and that he was, in fact, his son, they hugged one another and had a long talk. In the footballing world, Maradona Jnr has failed to live up to his father’s massive reputation and currently languishes in the Spanish 3rd division.

An Accurate And Quick Way To Find Answers

A paternity test is a key tool in determining parentage of children and has many uses in modern society; from securing child support payments to finding suitable donors for medical conditions. A paternity test is a quick and easy procedure that is extremely accurate. Paternity tests merely involve harvesting DNA from the child and the suspected father, which is achieved by swabbing the cheeks. The resultant findings of a paternity DNAtest can state with 100% accuracy if someone is not the father and with 99.9% accuracy if someone is the father.