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Paternity Tests – From Start To Finish


Being the subject of paternity tests can be a nerve-wrecking experience. Whether you’ve opted to take the test for yourself, or you’ve been forced to take it by the actions of the child’s mother, or because the courts have ordered you to, it’s a strange process.

At International Biosciences, our job is to make taking paternity tests as straightforward and hassle-free as possible. We’ll give you the support you need and we can put you in touch with medical professionals or other agencies if you feel you need additional help.

Paternity Tests – From Start to Finish

We are an accredited testing body, which means we can handle tests for legal procedures. Even if you’re just getting a test for peace of mind, it can be worth using an accredited tester, so that the findings will later stand up in court. If you are thinking of this, remember that you will also have to have your DNA sample taken by a medical professional to ensure that there is no risk of the sample being tampered with.

  • Request a Testing Kit – you can call or email us, or fill in our enquiry form. Whichever method you choose, we’ll take your details, ask you some questions about your case and talk you through the process. We’ll post the sample kit through to you as soon as possible. If you are using a medical professional to take your sample, we may post the kit directly to them.
  • Taking The Sample – whoever is taking the sample must make sure they have clean hands and follow the instructions exactly. This prevents the sample from becoming contaminated or degraded and allows us to isolate your DNA without any problems. The sample must be sealed in the right envelope and returned to the clinic – we may ask that your medical professional posts it back to us.
  • Waiting For The Results – paternity tests don’t take too long to complete, so you should have the results within 5 working days. We will usually use your preferred method of contact to let you know what the results are, and we are always sympathetic and considerate in our approach. You may want to have someone else with you when you receive the results.

The paternity tests process is easy to follow. It’s also easier to handle the process and waiting for the results if you have friends or family to support you. Remember that paternity tests are often only the start of a new experience for you – and that it might not deliver the results you want it to.