Genetic Ancestry and Your Family Tree

Unearthing your family tree can be a little like being a detective. You pick up clues that take you down alleyways, some lead into the light and reveal a clue, others are dead ends. The DNA test is an important tool for detectives in high-profile crime investigations but now these family detectives are turning to a test to determine DNA ancestry.

Genetic Fingerprint

DNA is like a genetic fingerprint that is passed down from one generation to the next, some parts remain unchanged while others are transformed. DNA is passed down through the generations and so a DNA test can help reconstruct a family history.

A DNA Test Can:

  • Determine if you are related to another person
  • Find out if you are descended from the same ancestor as another person
  • Discover if you are related to somebody with the same surname as you
  • Help prove your own research into your family tree
  • Give you clues on your ethnic origin

Testing is More Accessible

Taking a DNA test to help determine your past is becoming more common thanks to the accessibility of DNA tests, which are substantially cheaper. You can even order tests that you can do at home that involve nothing more painful than a swab to collect cells in your mouth.

How Can a DNA Test Help You?

A test can reveal interesting information about the deep ancestral lineage of your paternal or maternal lines. What can our genes tell us about who we are? The answer to that question depends on exactly what you want to know. In America, some African-Americans have wanted to trace their genetic lineage back to the areas of Africa from which their ancestors were captured and brought to America as slaves. But for many, using a test to find out their ancestry is simply a fascinating hobby that can reveal a rich history with intriguing stories.

There are different DNA tests you can do to determine your ancestry, International Biosciences provides Ancestral Origins™ DNA Ancestry Tests.