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Heath Ledger’s Posthumous Paternity Riddle


Heath Ledger, star of the upcoming The Dark Knight film is still creating controversy after his untimely death at the age of 28. According to a report in the Daily Mail, the Australian actor may have fathered a love child when he was in his late teens and living in Australia. The women at the centre of the controversial claim, however, is refusing a paternity test that would prove or disprove whether the Antipodean actor did indeed father her child.

A Quick & Easy Way to Determine Fatherhood

According to the report in the Daily Mail, the case of Heath Ledger relates to assertions that are sweeping across Australia that he had an affair with a married teacher when he was 17 and she fathered his child before he left for Sydney and his acting career really began to take off. However, the woman who it is claimed fathered his child has yet to give her consent to a paternity test that would prove whether or not he is the child’s father. Obviously, as the actor has since died, there would be certain obstacles to acquiring his DNA but if samples were garnered, a paternity test is an extremely accurate means of establishing fatherhood. It can discount whether someone is the father with 100% accuracy and prove that someone is the father with a 99% degree of accuracy.

Paternity Test – Unsubstantiated Rumours

Of course, until a paternity DNA test is granted to establish the facts, the stories regarding whether or not Heath Ledger fathered a love child are pure conjecture. Speaking to the Daily Mail, the husband of the woman at the centre of the controversy suggested that the woman may not be against the idea of a paternity DNA test in the future; he stated, “I’m the step-dad, but there’s nothing to hide…and if I asked (the mother) I’m sure that she wouldn’t mind (to have a DNA test).” So, if indeed Heath Ledger did father a child prior to his 2008 death, the only real way to be certain is to use a paternity test.