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Illegal Adoption stopped with DNA Tests


Recent news reports told the story of an adoption racket in Guatemala. 46 children had to be rescued by the authorities. It was thought they were either coerced from their parents or even stolen as part of an illegal adoption scheme. DNA tests were used to confirm the parentage.

DNA Tests Determine Parentage

The children were found at an adoption agency and children’s home run by an American who had a Guatemalan wife. The home was in a popular tourist town – Antigua. But before tests were conducted to determine parentage, suspicions were raised as the children – some as young as three – did not have the proper paperwork for legal adoption processes.

Children Stolen and Kidnapped

Adoption is considered to be a lucrative business in Guatemala but the country is often accused of bribing parents to sell children for money. Americans adopted 4,000 children from the country’s 5000 children put up for adoption last year. DNA tests can help prove true parentage when children have been kidnapped or stolen against the parents’ wishes.

Children’s Home – Illegal Adoptions

The children’s home at the centre of the illegal adoption schemes was searched after neighbours gave the police a tip off. Soldiers raided the children’s home and the stolen children were checked over by doctors. The home prompted the use of DNA tests to be used as part of the adoption process in Guatemala.

Americans High Adoption Rates

In America, officials are trying to deter Americans from adopting children from the country. It’s feared that continued demand from America will fuel illegal adoptions and encourage the kidnapping of babies from their natural parents. It’s widely reported that women are pressured to sell their babies, usually with high bribes.

US Embassy use DNA Tests

The US Embassy in the country now requires two tests before allowing adopted infants a visa to America. The DNA tests are part of a general effort to clean up the adoption process in Guatemala and stop the illegal adoption schemes that cause misery for parents and children alike. The United Nations is also looking into the issue to try and reduce the illegal adoptions into America.

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