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Paternity Testing Increases In Popularity


It began in America as something of a phenomenon – the demand for paternity testing in the States grew so large that laboratories had backlogs of untested DNA samples. And although the UK tends to be a few steps behind America, it quickly caught up with the DNA testing phenomenon.

Big Business

Once the reserve of court cases and child support disputes, paternity testing has now become big business for men across the country anxious to find peace of mind. It was around the start of the millennium that paternity tests well and truly arrived on British shores. Soon, such tests were even being done on Jerry Springer-style chat shows in the UK, raising the profile of the simple DNA test even more.

Paternity Testing Helps Relationships

Scientists who work in DNA clinics have remarked how fulfilling their job can be. When you think of scientists doing paternity tests, you imagine a sterile job removed from human contact. But many DNA scientists have remarked that they receive gushing thank-you letters. It’s no wonder, DNA tests can rescue marriages, allow relationships to be forged, and can help people move on positively with their lives.

DNA Testing for Solid Answers

More than marriage guidance or family therapy, paternity DNA testing offers solid answers to sensitive questions. Often questions around paternity can be emotionally difficult and as a result can be left unspoken or swept under the carpet. Testing can confirm whether or not your partner has had an affair, or whether the child you’ve brought up as your own, is in fact your own. It can help people face up to issues and emotions that could, if left unaddressed, cause more damage then good.

Resolving Sensitive Questions

DNA testing for paternity can help resolve sensitive questions and it can also bring joy – it can reaffirm that suspicions are unfounded for example. Although paternity DNA testing is routinely used by mothers seeking child support from absent fathers, it can also help insecure men find peace of mind that their partner was faithful or their child is in fact their own. There’s no doubt that this test can be a double edged sword – it can reconfirm a man’s fears or allay them. But not knowing the truth for a father and child can cause more harm and upset then knowing the truth. And not carrying out paternity testing could make the difference between losing a relationship and finding one.

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