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James Brown: Paternity Test for 3 Kids


James Brown, like Elvis Presley, has many people all claiming to be his genuine offspring. But it seems James Brown’s family is growing – paternity tests reveal that he has three children he didn’t know about. The estate trustee for the James Brown legacy has said that already around a dozen people have given DNA samples.

Paternity Tests Reveal Secrets After Death

In the past, it’s more likely that if somebody had illegitimate children or children they didn’t know about, those children would never know who their father was. But modern technology and advances in DNA mean paternity tests are readily and easily available. And of course, this test offers 99.99% conclusive proof.

Three Positive Paternity Tests

Although James Brown provided for six of his children after his death, he also established a trust for any grandchildren. The fact he has three positive paternity DNA tests however throws into question his legacy and will. Although the identity of all three new children has not been revealed, one of them is a 45-year-old retired flight attendant and teacher. It’s thought her mother had a relationship with James Brown in the early sixties.

Child Disowned

To complicate matters more – James Brown had suspicions about one of his ‘official’ children being his own – his six-year-old son born in his fourth marriage. Brown even requested paternity tests on the child in his will to find out after his death if he was indeed his son. The fourth wife and mother of the child was also omitted from Brown’s will. She has said she will not allow any type of analysis on her son unless all of Brown’s offspring take DNA tests too.

Blood Money

As with all legends with huge sums of money and legacy’s to leave, there are always dramas and disputes around the will. Even though Brown left six of his children his belongings, he left his music rights in an educational trust – and some of the children are disputing the trust and its legality.