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Jamie Lynn Spears Asked To Prove Paternity


Barely a day goes by without a case of a celebrity being called to take a paternity test but the case of Jamie Lynn Spears generated particular attention as she is only 16 and it was her boyfriend who requested the paternity to test to prove that he is the father.

Paternity Test – An Accurate Way Of Determining Parentage

When it comes to establishing the father of a disputed pregnancy, nothing provides more accurate results than a paternity test. In the case of Jamie Lynn Spears, the presumed father, her boyfriend Casey Aldridge, has demanded that a test be carried out when the baby is born later in 2008 as he isn’t convinced that he is the father of the child. A paternity DNA test will solve the mystery one way or another as they are an exceptionally accurate way of determining fatherhood. A test can prove exclusion with 100% accuracy (i.e. that someone isn’t the father) and inclusion with 99.9% accuracy (i.e. that someone is the father). The test case of Jamie Lynn Spears is just the most recent in a long line of celebrity DNA testing. Just some of the most memorable celebrities who have been embroiled in paternity test stories include:

  • Eddie Murphy – Spice Girl, Mel B, demanded that Eddie Murphy take a DNA test over her most recent child. The results showed that Murphy was the father.
  • Mel Gibson – A 30 year old woman claims to be love child of Mel Gibson but a paternity DNA test is yet to be taken so there is no indication as to the validity of her claims.
  • Chris Rock – The American comedian was said to be the father of a 13 year old boy in Savannah but a test for paternity cleared him of being the child’s father.
  • Paul McCartney – A German woman claimed that Paul McCartney was her father. Blood tests showed that McCartney was not the father but the results of the test were disputed amid claims that McCartney sent a double to take the tests for him.