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DNA Testing Could Prove JFK Lovechild Claim


The man claiming to be the illegitimate lovechild of John F Kennedy (known as Jack) lives in Vancouver. Jack came forward to the newspapers after two Canadian papers ran articles about the possible existence of his love child living in the area. He thought it better to hand himself in than face a media hunt. DNA testing is often the most effective way to establish paternity; however its Jack’s resemblance to the deceased president that first got tongues wagging. Jack told the Globe and Mail that people stop him in the street.

DNA Testing and Paternity

The story about JFK’s lovechild actually originated in a piece in the New York Post about Vanity Fair magazine – it reported the glossy magazine had been working on the story of Jack, but had decided not to publish the story until it had proof – such as a DNA match. Jack is said to be keen for DNA testing to be undertaken – but will need a DNA sample from a Kennedy family member. In a prepared statement for Vanity Fair, Jack told the press: “Vanity Fair needs help. We need JFK DNA and, barring that, DNA from any male Kennedy directly related to Joe Kennedy (JFK’s father), either in the U.S. or Ireland (for a Y chromosome analysis).”

Samples Needed

Vanity Fair would risk its reputation running the story without DNA testing and proof to back it up. Apart from his striking resemblance to JFK, Jack is said to be well-off, working in business with international connections. He says the claim he is JFK’s son is not for the money. To encourage the Kennedy family to come forward with DNA samples for testing, he has already said he would sign an agreement stating he would not pursue any financial remuneration from the Kennedy estate.

 ‘Potentially Profound Impact’

Vanity Fair have been working on the story for 18 months, and the leak to the Canadian newspapers somewhat steals their thunder. But if they do DNA testing and uncover the truth, it’s been hinted that there is more to the story than just an illegitimate son – Jack has said the information he will reveal could have a “potentially profound impact”.

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