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Paternity DNA Test and The Father-Child Relationship


Even celebrities use a paternity DNA test to establish whether they are truly the biological parent of the child. We all have heard of Steve Jobs- the man and genius behind Apple incorporated, another well-known figure who had a paternity test carried out. Steve Jobs and his ex girlfriend, Chrissan Brennan, back in the 1970’s gave birth to their daughter Lisa, precisely the girl was born in 1978. Jobs repeatedly denied being the father of Lisa and tried everything within his power to prove that he was right, rebuffing any claims that he was the biological father of the girl. He initially refused to give Brennan support money and claimed he was infertile- it was his word against hers.

Yet despite the wealth, the power and the connections Jobs had, it was no match against a paternity DNA test. The results in fact did not lie and came back positive- he was the father. The results of a paternity test are indisputable – if an alleged father and child share the same DNA profile, then it means that the man in question has fathered the child. To understand more about paternity testing results, click here.

Nevertheless even though the tests came back positive, Jobs continued to deny paternity, forcing Brennan to bring up their child alone. It was not until many years later that Jobs admitted to Lisa being his daughter, and thanks to a paternity DNA test she was able to forge a relationship with her father.

Paternity – Is establishing the Paternal Father Important?

Paternity is equal to fatherhood.  With this come rights and obligations that are part of a father taking care of his child. When establishing paternity you are establishing a relationship between a father and his biological child. This way the father is able to play an active role in the child’s life and also have the possibility of being the decision maker along with the biological mother.

There are several reasons why establishing paternity is important, which include:

  • Legal and social welfare
  • Inheritance
  • Medical history
  • Father-child relationship
  • Health Insurance
  • Financial support
  • Taxation
  • Education

Whether parents are together or not, as was the case of Steve Jobs, a child has the right to benefit from care. Establishing a paternal relationship helps the child receive benefits from each parent individually and together, which in some circumstances without this proof may not be possible otherwise. The best interest of the child is in our best interest.

A paternity DNA test is simple, low-cost and easy to use and its accuracy levels are above 99% – it is no wonder that it is easily the most popular means of establishing paternity we have to date.