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“Sex Bomb” Tom Jones takes Paternity Test


Tom Jones is famous for his song ‘Sex Bomb’ but there have been plenty of bombshells in his own private life. Last year in a British tabloid he talked about the affairs, the sex and the ensuing paternity test that uncovered his lovechild. Tom Jones is said to have seduced hundreds of lovers over the forty years he has moved in the world of showbusiness. Now in his mid-sixties, he may not be as frenetic, but he has certainly left a trail of gossip in his wake.

Just The One Paternity Test!?

Renowned for his tight leather trousers, there was no shortage of women throwing their knickers at Sir Tom – in fact it became a running joke with the star. It’s a wonder then that there weren’t more DNA test cases in the woodwork.

Paternity Test Revealed Illegitimate Son

Tom Jones has been married for 49 years to his wife Linda and despite one paternity test revealing he has a son, Sir Tom has never recognised the lovechild as his own. Despite the tabloid allegations that Sir Tom was ‘legendary’ for ‘sleeping around’ his wife has remained loyal. The most famous affair he was alleged to have was with a member of the all-female group, The Supremes and with a former Miss World model, Marjorie Wallace. He later had an affair with the model Katherine Berkery. A DNA paternity test on her child in 1989 revealed a 99.76% chance that the baby was his.

Paternity Test – A Sticky Situation

Despite the affairs, Sir Tom said he has only ever been in love with his wife, whom he married in Wales when they were just 16. Although the test results showed he had a lovechild, Sir Tom says he has only one child – the one he had with his wife in 1957, Mark. Sir Tom has two grandchildren from his son Mark. The question of the paternity test is a sticky one for Sir Tom – mostly due to the fact he is estimated to be worth £50million.

Like Father, Like Son

The name of the boy who is said to be Sir Tom’s lovechild is Jonathan Berkery. A paternity test confirmed his parenthood, but Tom Jones has never shown any interest in Jonathan. Berkery has attempted but so far failed to launch his own singing career.