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Paternity Tests Downtown – Available in Your Local Café


It sounds incredible, but paternity tests and other DNA tests are now readily available, cheap and fast. So much so, that in a town called Metuchen, it’s possible to pop into a café, buy your skinny latte and at the same time find ‘peace of mind’ with the peace of mind DNA tests.

Community-Based Paternity Tests Centre

The town in New Jersey is the first to open a community-based DNA testing service. What was once the realm of aloof laboratories and men and women in white coats, is now accessible to all on the street. Paternity tests are the most popular DNA test available at the drop-in clinic. They are dubbed ‘peace of mind’ tests because with a simple DNA sample it’s possible to provide reliable, discreet answers to sensitive questions about paternity.

From Here to Paternity

There’s no denying that paternity DNA tests are a sensitive issue. Some people prefer the absolute discretion a laboratory service can offer, while others look for the community approach. The woman behind the community DNA centre in America runs one of a national franchise of DNA laboratories which began in New Orleans and now has a national presence. The woman entered the field of paternity tests and DNA samples after becoming a criminologist and longing to run her own business.

Grandpaternity and DNA Trends

As well as the high demand for these types of tests, it’s reported in America that there is a new DNA trend on the rise – ‘grandpaternity’. This entails the grandparents of children wanting to know that a child is in fact their biological grandchild. Grandparents have a larger role to play in society now – thanks to the fact we are all living longer – and being a grandparent often means more than providing obligatory sweets. More grandparents are assuming parental responsibilities for their grandchildren. For some, they simply want the peace of mind of genetics before investing in an emotional bond.

DNA Banks

As well as paternity tests, it’s becoming increasingly common to put a child’s DNA in a bank – so if the child is lost or abducted, the police can use the DNA sample to help find the child faster.