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Presley’s Spiritual Son: Pete Vallee


Known as ‘Big Elvis’, Pete Vallee is not only an impersonator of the King, he claims he is one of at least three other Elvis love children. DNA tests are the only way of putting his claims to rest. He believes ‘his father’ was ‘no saint’ and could even have more unacknowledged children scattered around the world.

Vallee Wants DNA Tests

But unlike perhaps the many others who hold delusions of being related to Elvis, Vallee was willing to undertake DNA tests to prove his claim. The local press said that even if the DNA tests failed to show he was related to the King, that Vallee was certainly Presley’s spiritual son. Despite his weight, he is said to have a charisma and voice that could certainly make him a chip off the old block. There are Elvis impersonators on every street corner in every nook and cranny of the earth – but not many stand out as performers. Usually overweight, squeezed into a sequined jump suit with dyed sideburns, Elvis impersonators are often figures of mockery – but Vallee draws standing-room only crowds.

Will Testing DNA Prove He’s A Presley?

People have even said that Vallee ‘does Elvis better than Elvis’. But does that mean he shares the same DNA? DNA tests will reveal all. His campaign to be recognised as the official son of the King began in 1996. The only problem? He’s waiting on a DNA sample from Lisa Marie Presley so he can conduct the tests to finally prove or disprove that Elvis is his father. Whether he’ll get a sample or not is another matter – and without the sample and tests, it will remain a mystery forever. Perhaps some things are best left as mysteries – so hopes and dreams can stay alive.

Lisa Marie Refuses Any Tests

Lisa Marie Presley has not co-operated on any DNA tests for people claiming to be the offspring of her father. And without tests there is no way to prove anything conclusive. But it doesn’t stop people wanting to believe Vallee is the son of Elvis, and this has generated his own celebrity status. He has been invited on TV shows and featured in the National Enquirer magazine, as well as releasing a number of CDs in homage to Elvis. Vallee said his mother told him of an affair she claimed to have with Elvis. Is he the son of Elvis? Only DNA tests will confirm the answer.