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Boris Johnson Reveals Royal Connection with DNA Test


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DNA ancestry testing is now increasingly commonplace in the UK and it is being popularised by the BBC television programme ‘Who Do You Think You Are?‘ which recently featured London Mayor, Boris Johnson. There are many surprises in store for those who choose to reveal their family history through a DNA ancestry test as they make it possible to delve deeper into our family histories than ever before. The findings from Boris Johnson’s DNA ancestry revealed that he has distant relations to the royal family and the use of ancestry DNA testing may actually prove that family ties to the Royal Family may in fact be more commonplace than you might suspect. The accessibility of these tests is making it an increasingly popular solution for those who want a quick and accurate method of establishing their family ties and exactly who their ancestors may have been.

King Boris?

The thought that Boris Johnson is distantly related to the Royal Family is unlikely to come as much of a surprise to many people, given the London Mayor’s overtly foppish characteristics. The discovery of Johnson’s royal lineage came as a result of DNA ancestry test on the BBC television programme ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ which has revealed the ancestry of a myriad of celebrities and public figures. It is safe to say that the prevalence of testing to reveal ancestry on television of late has created quite a buzz around the process and many are now able to trace their own family tree through the use of ancestry testing procedures. According to the report on the BBC, Boris Johnson is distantly related to King George II and the testing that he underwent was able to extensively reveal his family tree.

A Pleasant Surprise

The likelihood of finding royal lineage in your family tree is obviously quite slim but this isn’t to say that your lineage won’t throw up some surprises. This is why many people want to use ancestry DNA tests to establish just where it is that they come from and get a greater understanding of themselves as a whole. Boris Johnson was pleasantly surprised with the findings of his DNA ancestry test and stated to the BBC, “I would have been terribly proud just to have been related to the German king, but I can’t hide it from you that, even in our common European home, I am particularly thrilled to have some British royal ancestry as well. What it really teaches me is that our genes pulse down our lives and we don’t really know where they have come from and where they are going.”

Interested in Learning a Bit More about your Roots?

Ancestry testing is a great investigative tool for you and your family, giving you the chance to uncover those aspects of your ancient ancestry and lineage that you would otherwise have no way of learning. For some interesting information, we suggest going to our Frequent Questions about Ancestry testing.