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Princess Margaret – Might There Be a DNA Test?


The Royal family has always been a subject of fascination and intrigue throughout history. In recent years, Prince Harry has been the subject of much speculation amongst tabloids. Persistent rumours suggested that Princess Diana’s former lover James Hewitt was the boy’s father because of his resemblance to the Prince. So much so that one Sunday tabloid was accused of secretly trying to obtain DNA from the Prince and Hewitt for DNA testing to prove paternity. Although Hewitt spoke out to end the rumours stating categorically there was no possibility he was Harry’s father, it seems only DNA testing will slate the tabloid thirst for the story.

DNA Testing Could Stop Allegation

And now Princess Margaret is at the centre of another ‘love child’ story. Although no DNA testing has been undertaken, this time the allegation saw its way into the courts. The man, Robert Brown, a 53 year-old Jersey accountant, claims he is the love child of Princess Margaret and Group Captain Peter Townsend, with whom she had an ill-fated romance. Only a DNA relationship test could prove if he was biologically related, but his claims if true would make him the 12th in line to the throne, as well as impact on his stake to the royal estate. Mr Brown has won the right to apply to read the royal wills – a move that could end a hundred year long legal convention that protects the wills of royalty from being read by any member of the public.

Royal Love Child Claim

Mr Brown’s belief he is the royal love child has not been proven by DNA analysis and no other evidence exists that suggest his claim is true. The Lord Chief Justice who granted the hearing of his claim to inspect the will said his claim was in fact ‘without foundation’ and was ‘irrational’. The reason the hearing went ahead according to Mr Brown’s solicitor was because of the “statutory presumption in favour of the openness of wills in the UK”.

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