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Saudi Royal Family in Paternity Test Case


In the world’s biggest alimony payout a woman is seeking a paternity test to discover whether her eldest daughter is the secret child of the late King Fahd of Saudi Arabia.

A Princely Sum

Janan Harb’s friends say that she has demanded a DNA sample from the Saudi Royal Family to establish whether her daughter, Rania Boueiz, is the King’s child. If the results of the paternity DNA test prove Ms Boueiz, a 30-year-old marketing executive from Chelsea, to be his daughter, she will be able to claim a proportion of the Saudi family’s £50 billion fortune.

Ms Boueiz is currently registered as the daughter of Ms Harb’s third husband, Sami Boueiz, but friends of Ms Harb say that she was still married to Fahd nine months before Ms Boueiz was born.

High Court Paternity Test Case

A confirmed paternity DNA test would strengthen Ms Harb’s High Court claim, launched last year, for maintenance payments going back to 1993. Ms Harb’s solicitors wrote to the Saudi Embassy two years ago demanding a DNA sample from the King in order to conduct this test to help discover if her daughter was really his, but they did not receive a reply.

Playboy Paternity Test

It is rumoured that Ms Boueiz, the child at the centre of the case, was fathered by the late Saudi King in Riyadh in January 1974, a time when he was a playboy Prince with a number of wives and that they had married five years earlier against the wishes of his family because she was not born a Muslim. It has been commented that that Ms Boueiz shares some of Fahd’s physical features. “She is fair like him, she has similar shaped eyes and they have similar noses,” a friend said.

No Comment On the Test

When contacted by the press about the paternity test Ms Harb said, “If I lose this case, it will be seen as proof that there is no such thing as Islamic justice. I implore the new King to please salvage the situation before the Royal Family put me in a position that will break my personal code of honour. I do not want to embarrass the Royal Family or stain the memory of my husband.”