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The Schnauzer is an active, friendly and playful breed. They are highly intelligent dogs but can be a bit stubborn. Schnauzers were bred to be guard dogs, ratters, and all-purpose dogs on German farms. Today, they make a great family companion.

Schnauzers are known to carry themselves with self-importance. They can be mischievous and are quite clever. They are fast learners and eager to please. They are often said to be a dog with a human brain.

They do have strong personalities, though, and will take advantage of you whenever possible. If you don’t establish yourself as the leader, they will step in and be one. Schnauzers are athletic and agile, excelling in performance sports and also as a therapy dog. They make great family pets, especially when socialized with children at an early age.

Schnauzers make great watchdogs thanks their protective and territorial nature. They are a devoted dog that is sometimes overly protective and wary of strangers. They have a deep bark that make them sound much larger than they actually are. They can be aggressive with unfamiliar dogs but will share their home with another dog or even a cat if socialized at a young age.

Major Health Concerns: The Schnauzer is a relatively health breed but occasionally suffers from hip or skin conditions.

Interesting Fact: The Schnauzer breed consists of three types: the giant, standard, miniature.

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