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Professor Dawkins: Science VS Spirituality


Professor Richard Dawkins is no stranger to controversy. He is a man who can find logic, reason and science behind a DNA test and sees only fantasy in religion and spirituality. After September 11, Professor Dawkins re-iterated his belief that faith can be dangerous. His bestseller, The God Delusion, is a diatribe against all things religious. The humble DNA test he believes reveals more about the creation of the human race than any religion could ever explain.

The DNA Test v. God

Professor Dawkins caused a stir when he applauded the cloning of Dolly the Sheep and said he would even consider cloning his own daughter. For him, as a DNA test reveals, human beings are made up of genes – science and chemistry can explain our existence alone. Frankenstein is the enduring story about one man cloning another – the result of which is a monster. It’s very much a religious warning against tampering with existence. But the DNA test and genetics show that cloning could in fact be a reality. Believers in religion feel that the soul and human creation can only be a direct result of God. But it is science that has unravelled the meaning of human life by discovering DNA. And the DNA test is probably the most important scientific tool available. Religious believers have however labelled Dawkins as ‘evil incarnate’ for his views.

Blind Faith vs Science

Professor Dawkin’s recent TV series, ‘The Enemies of Reason’ investigates the world of spiritualism. His premise is that spiritualism is a dangerous delusion. The evolutionary biologist follows on from his belief that faith can be dangerous – he cited September 11 as an example of the feelings of ‘righteousness’ and ‘false courage’ that extreme religious belief can trigger. Professor Dawkins in his book ‘The Selfish Gene’ espouses that a DNA test reveals we are all a rich DNA combination of genes and memes. And that, as a step on from Darwinism, our minds and bodies are self-interested reproductive instruments that host this survival machinery.

DNA Test – The Poetry of Reality

For Dawkins a DNA test holds more sway then the results of crystal balls, tarot cards, astrologists or even the Bible. And yet, the Professor doesn’t believe there is no magic in the world of science and reason. Science and straight thinking is, in his words, “the poetry of reality”.