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The Baby Sex Test – Boy or Girl?


When it comes to establishing family relations, paternity testing plays an important role. The test can help resolve child welfare disputes as well as help many children find their real biological fathers. DNA testing clearly has an important role in society – as well as paternity testing, DNA has transformed the world of forensic crime and medical science. But is the baby sex test a DNA test too far?

Is Baby Sex Testing a Step Too Far From Paternity Testing?

Paternity testing is commonly used to help children and distant fathers reconcile. It can also ensure that single mothers are entitled to child maintenance and even stop paternity fraud. It’s clear if the test is used in a responsible way, can be of benefit. But is the baby sex test a step too far? It’s easy to see why society needs paternity testing – but the idea of a baby sex test raises important ethical questions.

DNA – Paternity Testing and Beyond

For the ProLife Alliance, it’s very difficult to justify a DNA test that reveals the sex of an unborn child at just six weeks. It raises the question of ‘designer babies’ and has potentially sinister overtones. Although some parents may innocently use the test out of curiosity, there are concerns that it could be abused too. The test has an important role to play emotionally and financially when it comes to the welfare of a child, but it’s hard to see how a baby sex test can be of benefit.

Paternity Testing can Help

The ProLife contingency is concerned that such tests could be the motivation for abortions that may otherwise not have happened. Whereas paternity testing is concerned with helping children and parents resolve emotional or financial issues, testing for the sex of babies before they are even born brings up the question of parents choosing the gender of their child. But those for the Baby Sex Test say that it’s simply about parents wanting to prepare early on for their newborn child.

Cultural Bias

Although in the West, the gender of a child usually has no cultural significance, there are countries in the world, such as India and China where the sex of a baby is crucial. In India sons are favoured as daughters can be expensive thanks to the dowry system. Testing paternity by DNA may have a vital role to play in many cultures as to determining emotional and financial issues regarding children, but a Baby Sex Test can have disturbing overtones.

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