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The Beatles Battle


Paul McCartney’s personal life seems to have not been out of the news in the past year or so. His high profile divorce from Heather Mills and bitter court dispute and custody battles were splashed across every tabloid. And no wonder. Not only is he one of the most famous human beings to have lived, he has one of the biggest legacies and fortunes. A paternity test in a dispute is crucial – if an illegitimate child has a DNA paternity test, they can prove they are Sir Paul’s genetic offspring, opening up the door to a massive claim on his fortunes.

Paternity Test Dispute

Back in 1983 in a German court, Sir Paul was ordered to give blood samples for a DNA test after Bettina Huebers claimed to be his illegitimate daughter. A quarter of a century later, allegations have been made that the paternity test was faked. Huebers claims that a look-a-like took Sir Paul’s place in the court case; hence the blood test was not allegedly authentic. But Sir Paul has always denied he was her father after the case was dismissed when the original paternity DNA test backed up his claims.

Alleged Fraud

It sounds like something from a Hollywood B-movie, but Bettina Huebers had a failed pop career under the name Tina McCartney and now claims Sir Paul used a double for the blood test.

Investigation into Fraud

As a result, an investigation has been launched by the German prosecutor’s office into the accusation of alleged fraud. Ms Heubers believes her mother had an affair with McCartney in the early sixties when the Beatles played in the clubs of Hamburg. However, to complicate matters in 1966 Sir Paul paid Ms Heubers mother £2,600 to settle a child maintenance claim, although no paternity test was taken at the time and Sir Paul at the time denied paternity.

Demands for New Paternity Test

Ms Heubers believes the act is highly suspicious and has demanded a new test is taken. She believes the original paternity test was the result of blood from a stand-in. Some newspapers have suggested the stand-in is Raymond Wood who stood in for McCartney in a film scene but Mr Wood has denied this.