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Dr John Harvard : The Paternity Case Doctor


The case of Dr John Harvard illustrates that even the former chief executive of the British Medical Association isn’t above DNA testing. The world-renowned doctor was dragged into a demand for a test to prove paternity of a love-child he was alleged to have fathered. The doctor agreed as a favour to a married family friend as he insisted he had nothing to hide.

DNA Testing To Prove Paternity

The rise of DNA testing in determining paternity has revolutionized the courts. Traditionally, mother’s who claimed a man fathered their child when the man denied it, had no evidence or proof aside from blood tests. Blood testing however was never an exact science unlike DNA based tests that can offer conclusive proof. For men, DNA paternity testing can also be a chance to clear their names if accused of fathering a child they didn’t.

Exploiting Fame And Fortune

It’s unfortunate, but as with many walks of life, money also plays a corrupting part in many paternity custody battles. Especially when it comes to high profile figures, such as celebrities or big earners. Claiming to have a love child can be one way of securing access to wealthy estates or exploiting a celebrity’s fame. DNA testing can help ensure the truth is adhered to in such cases. Many high profile names – even celebrities long dead – are embroiled in alleged paternity cases. Elvis, James Brown, and currently John F Kennedy have all been high profile media stories.

Explosive Results

The man who claims to be the illegitimate son of JFK lives in Vancouver and is said to have a striking resemblance to the former US president, but only DNA testing using samples from Kennedy family members could determine his claim to be true or not. Although the man claims he has no interest in making any stakes on the Kennedy estate, Vanity Fair have already spent months investigating the story. If testing is granted by the Kennedy family, the results could be explosive.

Paternity Disputes Hit The Headlines

The story of Dr Harvard hit the headlines because of what was at stake – a £300,000 trust fund. Nevertheless, DNA testing can help thousands of people with no claims to fame or fortune find conclusive answers to emotional questions. For many, doubts about paternity – whether it’s the father or child pursuing the truth – the results impact on their sense of identity, belonging and family.