Think You Know Yourself? DNA Ancestry Reveals Big Surprises

A report in the New Scientist reveals that using DNA ancestry almost a tenth of men living in the former Mongolian empire can trace their ancestry back to the great warrior Genghis Khan. But having the 13th century warrior in your genes may sound good when you’re telling friends Khan is in your DNA ancestry, but researchers say being a dominant male has no more of a contribution to the genetic pool than less dominant males. DNA ancestry tests show that genetics happen in the chaos of life.

Male Dominance Revealed through DNA Ancestry Tests

Researchers at the University of Arizona used a variety of DNA ancestry tests to find out if a man’s dominance lasted longer than a couple of generations. Using DNA ancestry tests on the male Y chromosome, the team went back over 3000 years into the lives of 1269 men from Indonesia. According to the New Scientist, the researchers discovered five communities that demonstrated long-term dominance in a few male families. But this is rare – promiscuity and prosperity are two things that ensure a dominant lineage but although cultural traits are passed down through generations, DNA ancestry tests show evolution to be ‘an equal opportunity system’.

DNA Ancestry: Famous Relations

DNA ancestry tests are thought to reveal that no single male group is dominant for very long periods of time. In fact, the way the world works, male lineage can be ruthlessly cut as a result of natural disasters, disease and war. It seems no matter how immortal we may strive to be through our children, what we do in life with our minds may be the closest we get to being remembered: Shakespeare perhaps has greater dominance as a result of his words than a dominant male trying to affirm his macho image through male offspring.

DNA Ancestry Tests Reveal The Unexpected

Considering the research into male dominance, it’s not surprising that DNA ancestry tests can throw up some surprising results helping you understand who you really are. White British men for example who, based on their cultural knowledge of a generation or two, think they are completely Caucasian could be surprised to find West African heritage in their genes. Research by the Wellcome Trust found a rare West African Y chromosome in a group of Yorkshire men dating back to the 14th century. Despite their typical European looks, the men had an African ancestor from Roman times.

What DNA Ancestry Can Do For You

DNA ancestry tests let you see where you fit into the spread of man across the globe. A breakdown of your DNA will show where you come from, with predominant geographical areas highlighted. It’s the best way you’ll find of tracing your roots back to the very first ancestor.