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Paternity TV Scandals You Must Know About


Sex, drugs and rock’n’roll may be a way of life that has ruled the lifestyles of some of the rich and famous, but the maxim comes with consequences. And in this day and age a simple paternity test means no matter how famous you are you can’t get off the hook. From Tom Jones to Anna Nicole Smith, the DNA test has hit the headlines. And it’s no wonder when so much is at stake. For the ordinary child or father taking a paternity DNA test the results can have huge emotional impact. But for a famous child or father a DNA test can impact on their financial future and their fame as well as their emotions.

Famous Faces

For married famous men, a paternity test can also impact on their marriage. Tom Jones has famously been married to the same woman since he was 16, but that didn’t stop her beating him up after finding out about one of his extra-marital affairs in the papers. According to Sir Tom in a tabloid interview, he said he got what he deserved. Sir Tom is known to have a son who he refuses to acknowledge as his own, despite a positive paternity test.

Paternity Test Uncovers the Truth

Famous folk can’t hide or keep secrets with today’s prying media eye. It’s the price of fame, as the TV star of American drama ER must be feeling. The ER star and Croatian actor Goran Visnjic has agreed to a paternity test after admitting that he might be the father of a four month old girl. The married man was forced to admit he had cheated on his wife. According to the Associated Press he told a Croatian women’s magazine that he was drunk when he cheated on his wife, but that he was ready to face up to the consequences of his act. He agreed to take a DNA test despite saying he remembered nothing from his night with the Croatian woman. A paternity DNA test will provide a concrete answer to his doubts however, and the results will indicate whether he will have to pay child support. Visnjic is married to Ivana Vrdoljak who he has adopted a boy with in America.

Sexiest Import Leaves ER

Visnjic was once crowned as People Magazine’s Sexiest Import. The Croatian woman who has filed a paternity suit against the actor said she felt the need for a paternity DNA test to protect her daughter legally. A paternity test would prove whether or not he should take financial responsibility for the child. The actor is leaving ER at the end of the season.

More lies and yet More Scandals

The list of celebrity scandals and paternity brawls in the world of the rich and famous is never ending.

In the Oliver Geissen show, one of Germany’s biggest TV celebrities, men are invited on set to find out if they are fathers or not. It is must like the Jeremy Kyle show or perhaps Jerry Springer. Child and family welfare groups heavily criticized the show for insensitivity and for displaying an acute lack of moral responsibility. Here is the full story.

In 1999, the then-American President Bill Clinton was in the press shortly after the Monika Lewinsky scandal. An American tabloid magazine, Star, said it was trying to establish whether or not Clinton was the father of a 13-year-old mixed race boy. Here is the Bill Clinton Tabloid Scandal.